Restorative Integrative Therapies for Lasting Wellness

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Experience the healing difference at Westplex Integrative Healthcare. Our mission is to address the root cause of symptoms, to restore health, prevent disease, and help you live a long, quality, vibrant life.

Personal Care

Tailored to You

We understand you want more than symptom relief. Our Nurse Practitioner takes the time to listen and understand the root causes behind your health concerns. Custom protocols integrate the latest science-backed IV therapies with targeted nutrition and lifestyle changes to develop long-term solutions for your unique needs.

Compassionate Guidance on Your Wellness Journey

The team at Westplex provides compassionate guidance when you have confusion over complex health issues or unanswered questions. They support you in designing treatment plans that align with your specific health goals, concerns and preferences. You are empowered with knowledge and community referrals for lasting whole-person wellness.

Advanced IV Therapy for

Lasting Results

At Westplex, you can access advanced IV vitamin blends, antioxidants, amino acids, minerals, and specialized injectables to restore balance and give you back the energy and strength your body needs. Ozone and specialty infusions are also provided. By correcting nutritional deficiencies and optimizing your internal healing capacity, troublesome symptoms can be resolved for good.

Westplex Integrative Healthcare

Transform Your Health, Renew Your Vitality

Your health story is personal and unique.

At Westplex, we understand that one-size medicine does not fit all. That's why we take a whole person approach - to see the connections between your lifestyle, experiences, environmental exposures and unwanted symptoms. This complete view clarifies why you feel the way you do and points to personalized solutions to rewrite your vitality.

As integrative health experts, we help uncover root causes and empower you with tailored nutrition plans, advanced IV therapies, targeted injections and holistic protocols. With compassionate guidance every step of the way, you take the lead in transforming your health.

You deserve to feel your best each day. Reclaim your energy and rewire your potential. Renew from within.


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Addressing Your Health Struggles:

We understand you may be suffering from:

  • Ongoing fatigue, digestive issues, headaches and other troubling symptoms that negatively impact your quality of life

  • Seeing multiple doctors but still lacking answers, clarity and solutions

  • Feeling like just a patient file instead of receiving personalized care

  • Trying medication after medication or fad diet after fad diet with no lasting relief

  • Fearing your health issues could progress and limit your abilities more over time

We recognize the frustration of undefined symptoms and ineffective treatment plans. We dig deep to understand all aspects of your health and uncover root causes. By taking an integrative approach unique to your needs, we can together plot a path to resolve nagging issues and transform your sense of wellbeing from the inside out. Regain your energy, vitality and quality of life. The first step is connecting with our compassionate team.

Why Westplex Is The Right Choice For Transformative Healing

We set ourselves apart by:

  • Spending extensive time understanding your health history and asking questions no one else has thought to ask. We know thorough root cause analysis is key to customized solutions.

  • Employing top diagnostics to uncover hidden issues related to nutrient status, toxicities, hormone imbalance, food sensitivities and more that may be aggravating symptoms and health decline.

  • Hand selecting products and therapies without harmful additives - clean supplements, additive-free IV blends, regenerative medicines. We curate the best of progressive and preventative health advancements.

  • Providing highly personalized guidance as you balance targeted medical treatments with sustainable nutrition and lifestyle changes for whole health transformation. Our support team is with you every step.

  • Connecting you to our preferred wellness network - high quality providers that collaborate to surround clients with integrative care and community resources for lasting success.

We help you reclaim your vitality with solutions not temporary fixes or bandages. If you're ready for health mastery from within, choosing Westplex is choosing lasting solutions tailored just for your unique needs.

Services That Are Tailored To Your Needs

Injections deliver vitamins, amino acids and co-enzymes without IV fluids in under 10 minutes. They are an ideal way to maintain nutrient balance between IV services or for those with busy lifestyles.

Unlike quick fix energy drinks, our customized vitamin injections provide longer-lasting vital nutrients to address symptoms and support wellness goals.

IV infusions deliver 100% bioavailable vitamins, minerals and nutrients directly into the bloodstream, compared to only 20-30% from oral supplements. Fully customizable and efficient nutrient therapy to boost immunity, fight fatigue, support organs, enhance athletic performance, improve mood and more – helping you feel your best.

Ozone works by giving oxygen to your cells to help your mitochondria make more energy in the form of ATP and NAD. Oxygen utilization declines with age but can occur in young adults, leading to metabolic dysfunction. Restoring oxygen utilization with ozone therapy is key for health, aging, and preventing degeneration.Become a patient to receive this therapy.

Michelle Wallweber, MSN, FNP-C

Your story should be heard. Your personal experiences play a role in your current health. Using advanced testing and detailed history, we assess your individual health needs and tailor treatments to maximize results and support a thriving lifestyle. Contact us today to start optimizing every aspect of your wellbeing.

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Order supplements through my Fullscript store.
Order supplements through my Fullscript store.

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